Saturday, July 11, 2009

About us
We are a community non-profit organisation with a particular interest in ensuring that our coastal regions, wetlands and the Great Barrier Reef are preserved and enhanced for their ecological, scenic and recreational values as enjoyed by residents of the Whitsunday community and visitors alike.
Our Objectives are
· To inform the community on current and proposed issues which may effect the health and environment of the Whitsunday Regional Council area, including the wetlands and the Great Barrier Reef , and therefore the long-term sustainability of the area;
· To engage community in lobbying all levels of Government to seek an environmentally sustainable future for the region; and
· To advocate to government the development of sustainable industry, including those using clean renewable energy sources, as a source of employment for the region.
We are networking with other environmental and community groups to show solidarity to protect our most beautiful region, the Great Barrier Reef and wetlands and most importantly the health of its people.

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